September 2009


Approaching the 4th release, and with its catalogue of unique artists, the snowball effect is in full motion for Breed 12 Inches. After recruiting Russian duo Utopia back onto their successive 12” with another big release, the Breed 12 Inches camp have now seen all eyes drawn to them, following huge play and support by some of the scene's major players. With BRD005 already in the final stages, and a handful of global promo mixes lined up to coincide with the release, it really is up and up from here for Breed 12 Inches.

Utopia return to the main stage of Breed 12 Inches, following the incredible success of BRD003. The Russian duo follows up with `Diamonds Shine' and `Scan Me' - two more dancefloor bangers. Consistently played by the scenes biggest, and featured thoroughly in various promo mixes and podcasts, Utopia are slowly becoming a name on the lips of the scene. Available on 12" and digitally MP3, BRD004 is an absolute must have.

Promo release slated for 14.09.09, with full release due 05.10.09. Check out the Breed 12 Inches Official YouTube for audio previews!

Posted On 01/09/2009