February 2010



Hailing for Canada, Excision & Datsik have been busy in the studio with this huge remix of Apex's "Nowhere To Run" (formally released on his Wall Of Sound EP back in 2008), and already with 30,000 plays across youtube and myspace, we kinda of guessed it would be a big track before we'd even asked them if they were up for remixing it for us... It will see a release backed with Eskmo's remix of Spor "Knock You Down"... expected it to drop May time. Wah, Wah, Wah, CHA!

Posted On 24/02/2010


After doing the rounds amongst DJ's for a while now, Lifted Music presents the Entrapment 12".

Two productions from top class producer and engineer 'Apex', as he makes his highly anticipated return to the Lifted Music release schedule. Available on both 12" vinyl and digital release, we're pretty damn excited about this one. Apex' debut solo 12" on Lifted Music is fronted by the now infamous 'Entrapment'. A groovy live bass guitar accompanies a downright quirky melody, all blended beautifully through that trademark Apex engineering. A hot-stepping kick snare combo laced with intricate end-bar fills pay homage to a producer whose quality control has won awards, and testifies as to why he is one of the in demand artists at the moment. If 'Entrapment' is anything to go by, 2010 could once again potentially be another big year for Rob Dickeson's Apex alias.

Posted On 22/02/2010


Hello and welcome to the all new Lifted Music official website. An extensive update and revamp from the previous, this is your definitive source for all things Lifted Music. 2009 was a big year for the label, and following on from our recent extensive New Year celebrations, 2010 looks to follow suit.

The release schedule for the new year kicks off with the return of Apex. After something of a hiatus, the exquisite producer brings his debut 12” on Lifted Music, with ‘Gonzo’ and ‘Entrapment’. Scheduled for an early 2010 release, the Apex 12” will be followed up by an EP by none other than Spor. After a epic 2009, Spor provides Lifted Music with his second Lifted EP, with arguably some of his greatest work to date.


LFTD010 is still in the works (we don’t want to give away too much too early do we?), but could be set to be Lifted Music’s first long play. Away from Drum & Bass, Lifted Music has also delved into the realms of Dubstep, with a remix 12” (LFTDUB001) featuring the unrelenting Datsik & Excision, and hyperdetailing man-of-the-moment Eskmo (Warp Records & Planet Mu).

At Lifted HQ we know the term Podcast can be a touchy subject for some when it comes to punctuality, so be rest assured that the podcasts will be back in frequent force. Keeping everyone in the same country at the same time can be tricky through touring...

Aside from the release side of Lifted Music, we're now live on YouTube with LFTDTV, new merchandise is ready to hit at Shop Lifted, and there's much more to follow as 2010 unravels.


Posted On 13/02/2010


On 27th of Febuary 2010, Lifteds own Spor & Chris Renegade will be jetting off across the pond to play an exclusive gig in Los Angeles, California. The promotion isn't quite up to our usual standard with Lifted parties, but even with this minor glitch in the system, the guys most definetely won't be letting it effect the performance on the night. Possibly the last time to catch a Lifted show over in California this year!

Oh, and look out for the pictures that we'll post up here on the blog when they get back!

Click here for details on where the party's at!

Posted On 12/02/2010