April 2010


With 2009 behind us, allow Breed 12 inches to usher in 2010 with the introduction of yet another dynamic duo. Hailing from Russia, DaVIP and Encode are two up and coming producers with that trademark Russian sound. 2009 was the year of introducing Utopia to the world, now two more Russian comrades surface. An industrial 12" that captivates the current sound, it would appear that Breed 12 inches has its finger on the pulse yet again. The 12", 'Vamonos' and 'High Technology' respectively, was originally posted within the Lifted Music forums 'Demolition Room', a place now becoming infamous for its array of talented and exciting young producers - almost a Breeding pool, if you will. Tight production, glistening melodies, and a low end to rip your speakers, DaVIP & Encode demonstrate that they can hold their own in the big leagues. Currently being hammered worldwide by everyone from Audio to John B, BRD005 is available now on vinyl release via the online official Lifted Music store shoplifted, amongst all good other outlets, with digital release scheduled for very, very soon. For audio previews of this and a sneak peak into BRD006, head over to the official Breed 12 Inches YouTube channel.



Posted On 19/04/2010


Imagine combining Lifted Music with 3 of the Dubstep scenes biggest, most progressive artists. Now, throw in the fact that two of Lifted Music’s most recognised back catalogue anthems have been remixed by these said artists. Then, let your mouth water at the idea of a 12” consisting of Spor ‘Knock You Down’ (Eskmo Remix) and Apex ‘Nowhere to Run’ (Datsik & Excision Remix). Go on, we’ll let you dribble for a moment…

Scheduled for full release on 31st May 2010, Lifted Music presents their debut release within the Dubstep genre, and judging by the enormous feedback, things look sharp. Featuring heavily on rotation in both scenes, including BBC Radio 1 airplay in mixes, LFTDSTEP001 has raised the level of Lifted Music’s output once again. Crossing the boundaries between the two scenes is often an eyebrow-raising moment, but having drafted in Dubstep’s finest exports, confidence is at an all-round high.

Eskmo’s grudging approach to the seminal debut release from Spor on LFTD001 with ‘Knock You Down’ is a testament to progression at its finest. Around 4 years old, Eskmo has breathed life into an already exhilarating classic. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Aggro ‘140’ maestros Datsik & Excision go hard on ‘Nowhere To Run’, the original from Lifted Music specialist Apex on his LFTD004 ‘Wall of Sound’ EP. Transforming and growling between bars, this industrial remix was recently featured in Excisions recent BBC Radio 1 Mix.

Full release is penned for 31st May 2010 from all good outlets but you can by a pre-release copy on shoplifted.co.uk. Audio, as ever, is available to hear over out the official Lifted Music YouTube Channel.


Posted On 14/04/2010