July 2010



The newest instalment of the Brokenbeats Podcast is ready to roll. With a guest mix from Tallon representing Breed 12 Inches (http://www.breed12inches.com) as well as resident DJ Jacey smashing it up inbetween, this mix is not for the faint hearted! Breed 12 Inches is an exceptional label providing access to undiscovered musical artists around the World, to give you a taste on how unique the sound of drum'n'bass can be. Headed by Chris Renegade & Liam Tallon, this is a venture that will provide the highest calibre of music that you can enjoy in any environment - from the dance floor to your own iPod, Breed 12 Inches has it locked.

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And listen to the mix on the Breed 12 Inches Mixcloud page here

Posted On 20/07/2010


As 2010 rolls on, Breed 12 inches has every right to be excited. After the fantastic response received from BRD007’s Telekinesis and Kinetik 12”, Breed 12 inches is excited to introduce yet another dynamic youngster - Gemini, Hailing from Leeds, Gemini showcases his debut release on BRD006, with a staggering 12" that appeals right across the board. 'Down' and 'Electric Rain', the 12" respectively, demonstrate some of the highest regarded material we’ve had to date. Having received welcome adulation from podcasts to clubs and everywhere in between, Gemini looks set to catapult his career, provided by the platform that is Breed 12 inches. Available, as ever, on 12" vinyl and digital release via the sister label's online outlet shoplifted, the Gemini 'Down' 12" looks set to continue 2010 for Breed 12 inches in a very positive way. Make your way over to shoplifted via this link to purchase!!!



Posted On 02/07/2010